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Customer achievements and Feedback

Before and after …dressage lessons… this Young rider is Stephanie, an FEI 1* and Prelim. Eventer who needed to up her dressage scores, before leaving to compete in Florida for 2017.

tralee LY tralee showcanter tralee jumptrotafter


Another before:  4yo Friesian, sept2013

friso2 septfrisosept1


friso after nov24

From Marianne: You will notice the sign: ”Seeing the potential…in horses and people” when driving in to Liberty Equestrian. My potential felt non-existent when I arrived- as a new-to-dressage- rider with a young, inexperienced horse, and previously acquired bad habits. Marcy devoted so much time to the importance of my seat development; months of Lunge lessons, riding in a bareback pad, body awareness and Core exercises. My riding position has been transformed; my horse is grateful for this more balanced, independent seat. Her style of teaching encourages a rider to think more, about how to properly prepare and conduct movements, trouble shoot problems… she asks questions and provides consistent, supportive feedback. The results have been fantastic; under her coaching; I have made great progress and now feel my potential is limitless. ”  After pic: only 3mos of dressage training.



“My horses have been spoiled in the best way at Liberty.  As for coaching, I look forward to every lesson, every horse show- and this year ends with success.  I am so grateful for all that you do for me and my horse;    Thanks for your seemingly endless support and knowledge;         I could not have gotten this far without your help.”  Gillian.

ariel-dressage     sephora

  From Alaina:  ”The quality of Marcy’s coaching is far superior to those I’ve had in the past.      She finds ways to teach that I understand and makes my horse and I a better team.”


“We brought our 6 yo gelding to Liberty Equestrian due to concerns with nutrition and performance at our previous barn.  When we arrived , Marcy immediately helped both horse and rider, advancing both of their abilities and strengthening the partnership between the two of them.  We thank Marcy for the guidance and expertise she has expressed; helping us get back to having a healthy horse with an encouraged and eager rider.”  The Wile Family.



“I have enjoyed many breakthroughs in my lessons. I appreciate how Marcy works through issues and how she takes the time to introduce new training methods which allow us to move forward.
She is the first coach I have worked with who hasn’t tried to pound our square peg into the round hole of dressage training procedures.   The addition of Work In Hand has been very beneficial for both me and my horse.
It is wonderful to see the improvement in my horse’s balance and self carriage as well as an additional respect for me, on the ground.   My horse is very happy and comfortable at Liberty Equestrian and I appreciate the work Marcy and Paulo have put into their lovely facility.”  Lisa.

taylor-linc-2015 ”I truly appreciate the opportunity to ride your wonderful horses;  they have taught me so much!  As a coach I believe that you went above and beyond. Its obvious that you are passionate about what you do, and I feel much more prepared and confident about going to Germany to ride, because of you.” 2015  Taylor.


” I am a typical adult amateur, I started riding later in life now that my career was well established. I bought my own ‘first horse’ and began taking lessons regularly with Marcy. I have to confess that I am on my way to achieving riding skills beyond my imagination. Not only is my riding improving; the awareness of the intricacies of the body, seat and hands has opened my eyes to an incredible communication that can exist between rider and horse.I am thrilled that my beloved Wolfie is also on his way to achieving his best in terms of development and skill.I started off with an inverted, spooky horse barely getting over 2′ jumps to a confident, forward horse; even winning Reserve Champion at Amberlea! In one summer we have improved systematically, to school at 1.0m+. If you want to be the best rider that you can be and if you want your horse to be his best, I highly recommend Marcy Coelho as a trainer and mentor. She will help you achieve goals you never thought could be achieved! ” Melisse.

” I can’t believe how amazing Ariel looks!  You are a wizard.” Gillian


2016 Amberlea “Jump For Hope” : Gillian with Ariel;  Madison showing Seven and Diego.

friso canterd2
Feedback from our training program :  (Thanks Erica for your kind words!)
“In 2015, through my Got Seat? clinics,  I have had the opportunity to teach Marcy and also her students on 6 horses that she started from scratch, or has done foundation basic training for for dressage. There is a common theme running through all the horses:   calm, confident, and correct.
The outstanding thing I noticed was the degree of rideability  each horse exhibits. I was able to lunge the riders on all these young horses,  and also teach her students off the lunge.  It is a great talent to be able to produce horses that are easy for the owners to ride.  Marcy also is a serious student of Rider Biomechanics, and has been studying with Mary Wanless, and Sandy Howard, certified in Germany 2003, and now me.
We actually met during Teacher Trainings in California many years ago and have reconnected to bring Got Seat?  to her friends and local riders in Canada.  With her knowledge of the seat along with horse training skills she is a fantastic resource!   So for anyone who wants to upgrade their horse’s training,  and improve their own riding skills,   I highly recommend Marcy !”               –Erica Poseley,  Watsonville, Caliifornia.    www.GotSeat.com  + certified RWYM coach

horse-show-2010-1142010 Marcy on 4yo, ‘Seven’ 17.2 CWB  at Burnt Lake

Under saddle as a 5-yr-old

Marcy riding young horses, 5yo  Sandro Hit  at Burnt Lake

“Marcy is fabulous! She has been there to help out with basically all 4 of my horses. I first started riding with her on my super bracey, giraffe necked Arabian who was competing in the 1.10m. I was a mess with swinging legs, grabby hands, you name it. Working with Marcy I learned how to ride better, so I could help teach Kashten how to move better and more freely. It wasn’t long before he was a soft, steady ride with great contact, and I wasn’t flopping around like a fish!”   2009-2016, Madison