Paradise Lusitanos

See his foals, on Facebook at our “Paradise Lusitanos” page.

Summer of 2020:   Our Lusitano stallion, ‘Napeiro Interagro’ 


2020: 3 new Foals!!!   Buckskin Lusitano filly, ‘Qatniss’; 

a changing-colors-grey (black beauty to silver) WB x colt ‘Quinteiro’; 

and Azteca filly, ‘Quintessa’ in dark chocolate Mocha ! (smoky black).

New addition:

in fire-hot Ginger !  Lusitano mare,  ‘Bravita’

another ‘Afiancado de Flandes’ Brazilian line. She’s with Athena (Umbaba), the palomino Lusitano.  Both are proven producers of unique and traditional Lusitano foals, for Musa Lusitana in Calgary, AB.

Purebred Lusitano mares, due in foal for 2021 

The Paradise mares and foals of 2020… Lusitanos and Iberian warmbloods


we have purchased 2 Dream horses- beautiful purebred Lusitano mares from Woodhall IV Lusitanos in Oregon, USA… Silver grey Via Mia is double bred (Brazil) Afiancado de Flandes, and she is mother to Dolly Mia, by Nimbus do Mirante (Bay dressage stallion imported from Interagro Lusitanos, Brazil to USA)

 purchased in 2019, another Lusitano mare in Palomino! “Athena”  (Umbaba). Proven Lusitano producer and Barbie doll style.

2019: the arena is finished and heated, new pens and stalls went in too!  Ready for action!

2017:  we have moved!  with our ambition to raise quality sport horses for Classical Dressage and Working Equitation… we searched for a larger farm with great water, pasture and hayland, close to South Edmonton, at Leduc.   We then purchased a dream horse!!!   And imported 2016 Lusitano stallion Napeiro Interagro from Brazil… who is loving the snow in Canada… read about him at the Interagro Lusitano  website

  Napeiro brazil 

We imported Napeiro Interagro,  a Lusitano stallion from Brazil,  in September 2017

and started construction of the new barn, for foaling and future young horses.


* 2016 Lincoln 4th Level Open dressage Champion __  Black Tie Gold dressage show,  RMSJ,  in Calgary

4th Open Champion Linc


*2016 Lincoln and Marcy competed both  3rd Level and 4th level, at Gold dressage shows Sparkle N Spurs,  Edmonton, finishing  4th Level test 3, at Royal West,  Calgary

* 2016 young horses to local shows: Fultonvale,  Beaumont

*2015-2016 Straightness Training Mastery


*2016  Coaching: Jumping  Welca, Devonridge, Edmonton Classic, Jump For Hope; and clinics!


  • 2015 hosting 4x Got Seat? clinics   and showing young horses,  up to 3rd levelelize trot
  • 2014 clinic with Anni MacDonald Hall (Carl Hester)
  • 2014 in hand clinic with JP Giaconomi
  • 2011-2013 western dressage (morgan horses)
  • Science of Motion, Jean Luc Cornille, 2011
  • French classical dressage, 2009, 2011 (P.Karl)
  • International Assistant Trainer B certification,
    Warendorf, Germany, 2003
  • Senior Basic Dressage champion, Amberlea,  with 71.5%   2001

2015-02-15 11.14.22

  • Mary Wanless Teacher Training, “Ride With Your Mind” Bio-mechanic riding, since 2000
  • Parelli Natural Horsemanship Level 2, 1997
  • CEF Level 1 Western Coach, 1994
  • 1993 training western horses and coaching,  in Flaurling, Austria

Barefoot Hoofcare Education hoof internal capsule

  • Epona Shoe clinic;  flexible plastic/rubber horseshoes,  2010.
  • Equinextion Barefoot Performance Trim, 2005
  • Pete Ramey Hoof Rehab, 2005
  • 2017   Apex Trim, and  HappyHoof/ T.A.C.T (Anatomically Correct Trim)
  •  2017 Hoof Guided Method … (HGM)  for hoof Articles, books and the HGM Dvd

In 2003, Marcy rode at the International Academy for Equestrian Studies in Warendorf, Germany, and also passed the exams required for the Trainer B certification. This included practical and theory oral exams;  Jumping  course 1.0m, Dressage test 3rd Level, lunging young horse, lunging- rider seat, teaching lessons, stable management, veterinary, exercise training theory, riding theory, 6wks internship at Gestut Tasdorf.