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Royal West 2016- Dressage Dreams come true

Lincoln was born 2002; his dam was from Germany, but she never got into showing dressage/ loved to jump though.   It has always been my goal to ride at this level;  since I was wearing  skipping rope- reins and packing my brother around as kids.  Anything that looks easy comes from an enormous amount of dedication!   But it is my highest desire, to do that, without compromising the essence and integrity of the horse.   And so when I see this ride, I see the partnership I have achieved with Lincoln, and what I want with ALL the horses I have trained.  The horses have an equal voice, through trust and communication.    Riding alone at home affords me the time and patience;  showring skills bring out a whole new dimension.

Is it possible to compete, and BE competitive, and still do it “naturally”, and kindly?   The cranked noseband; whip is optional.  Spurs and Double bridle are required, not optional at FEI level.  That there are ‘Rules’ for whipping and Blood, and drug-testing, (Yes, we got followed to the Royal West barn for drug testing!) , says a lot about the ** expectations involved in the world of Competitive showing.

Lincoln, 15yo, at the 2016 Royal West… 4th Level Test 3…  a precursor to identical  requirements in the FEI- Prix St. Georges.   We count flying changes every 4 and 3 strides,  pirouette, canter zigzags, shoulder in to half pass, counter-canter on 10meter centerlines…and we did it,  together.