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In Hand clinics and Straightness Training

St logo clear2016 is off to a great start! We are in hot pursuit of personal development and excellence with classical dressage. We  officially joined the ST Mastery program, since November, with already fun and promising results.    What is Straightness Training? a systematic development of horse and trainer; based on Classical dressage -theory- and exercises.

And what can ‘ In Hand work’ do for your horse’s  asymmetry challenges?

You can get free Straightness Training articles and Ebooks  by Marijke de Jong from Amsterdam, Netherlands… at

NEW!!!! :  ST clinic April 8-9-10… with ST Licensed Instructor, Kim Steutel from Amsterdam!    contact  Marcy  at     to RSVP a rider spot.  Auditors must be pre-paid by emt  as well :-)


4th ‘Got Seat’ clinic for 2015

got seat clinic 4 dec


December saw our 4th hosted event this year- with ‘Got Seat?’ coach Erica Poseley from California.  We had some repeat auditors and riders… and a few riders totally new to this Seat and Posture work, based on Mary Wanless ”Ride With Your Mind” system, and Erica’s personal experiences,; seat training at Von Neindorf’s in Germany, plus the FEI trainers  in her home- Base of Santa Cruz, at American Sporthorse.  We’re really fortunate to get the hands on help and expert eagle eye of such a dedicated, passionate teacher.  Erica’ s website is and Mary Wanless will visit California (soon enough) this  Feb. for their annual riding Clinic +Teacher training.  Its +15  down there in Feb- so book your calendar!!!

PSA: Dressage is the foundation for Jumpers.


6yo Dutch-CWb mare Sephora with her owner Gillian survived 6mos of Dressage Bootcamp , including No Stirrups and  jump-lessons…with us…before heading out to the HJ shows, also getting some top ribbons in the flat classes.

Here are some words from Gillian about her experience training with us:    “I am a jumper, and have brought 2 very challenging and (favorite!) young horses to Marcy, for her unique and very effective approach to training  horses.  Where she differs from other young horse trainers is her ability to also Coach:

…as a Jumper, my understanding of how to use my Core was so vague.  People  (even my family)   would not recognize how I ride and sit in the saddle anymore- I am finally effective, and in harmony with the movement of my horse.  Marcy broke down the elements of an effective seat, so my signals could be clear to my sensitive young mare.

With new confidence in my  flat-work, Marcy geared her Seat work towards control and balance in my jump-seat, until I was ready to go specialize in show Jumping  full-time.  I highly recommend Marcy and her amazing facility, which takes into account the psychology of a properly socialized horse, the science of proper nutrition for performance horses, and genuine care of the these amazing animals we love.“

Lincoln 3rd level Sparkle & Spurs Gold show

linc1 linc2 linc3 linc4  It was  a cold and mucky  August morning… with a few bucks, passages and nostrils flaring…. Lincoln and Marcy placed 3x 2nd in the 3rd level tests 1+2, then finished the weekend with a First!  He showed a fair improvement of engagement, and impulsion, since this spring was his 3rd level debut at Ponoka Dressage Daze…he stayed in the ring, did the required movements mostly in order-lol… and didn’t jump any puddles.  what a rush!  Mission accomplished!


Coaching, riding lessons… dressage for horse and rider

Feedback from our training program this year:  (Thanks Erica for your kind words!)

“In 2015, through my Got Seat? clinics,   I have had the opportunity to teach Marcy and also her students on 6 horses that she started from scratch, or has done foundation basic training for for dressage. There is a common theme running through all the horses:   calm, confident, and correct.    IMG_0219

The outstanding thing I noticed was the degree of rideability  each horse exhibits. I was able to lunge the riders on all these young horses,  and also teach her students off the lunge.  It is a great talent to be able to produce horses that are easy for the owners to ride.  Marcy also is a serious student of Rider Biomechanics, and has been studying with Mary Wanless, and Sandy Howard, certified in Germany 2003, and now me.

We actually met during Teacher Trainings in California many years ago and have reconnected to bring Got Seat?  to her friends and local riders in Canada.  With her knowledge of the seat along with horse training skills she is a fantastic resource!   So for anyone who wants to upgrade their horse’s training,  and also improve their own riding skills, I highly recommend Marcy !”     -Erica Poseley,  Watsonville, Caliifornia.  + certified RWYM coach