Dressage clinic with Anni MacDonald Hall- we loved it!

Lincoln and I got right down to business with bigger trot,  flying change work,  centerlines, shoulder in Halfpass, and also- aiming for that pirouette canter! Anni said he’s going to be a King at that :-) … since the October clinic, his changes are getting even better- the dreaded ‘late behind’s from his younger glorydays jumping… and now that its HIS idea, well, he thinks that changes, and possibly sideways stuff is really cool!  Here’s just a snippet for those who couldn’t come out and watch in person.  A thrilling little taste of Carl Hester’s program through Anni’s enthusiastic style.



Dressage Lessons for Young Horses

A Big Congratulations- to Candice and her 5yo Canadian Warmblood mare Epic… not only did they survive their 2 mos Bootcamp dressage at Liberty Equestrian… they got out this summer with a great foundation to their jumping!  epic ribbons

epicjumping epic showring

One comment @ hunters > was that the mare was too collected. From another point of view, achieving’ forward and accepting the contact’ is basic training you can count on.  At any show- understand that the judges can’t imagine what mountains you have climbed, rivers you swam uphill… to get to this point.  We wish Candice and Epic many more well-collected rides. There should be an  award for that!    There is no secret kept closer, than one between horse and rider.

Collection? Dressage all the way!


Dressage is ….  creating Lightness  - in horses and Riders !

What we love about Dressage training is it works on every horse.  Every now and then a young horse offers a really great feeling …   special thanks to the nice ‘collection’ of Morgan horses from breeder Coulee Bend Morgans,  out of Galahad, Alberta


Dressage Barn and 210′ new arena in Sherwood Park

Barn & Riding Arena Feb-13-2014

On popular demand we have finished 2 more stalls… and supersized tack lockers.  That means, we could take in -just a few more- great horses…for board, lessons or training.

Single assessments,  part and fulltime programs- we will suit your riding goals and budget.

frisosept1 friso2 sept friso after nov24

Seeing is believing!    We’ve lost count how many  years we have been transforming horses.  We don’t always record it, but when you look back… it reveals the treasure that was right there… all along.

Here is the 4yo Friesian Friso, on arrival Sept1, and 12wks later on Nov24.  He has continued to make progress, with his amateur owner/rider into lunge-lessons, bareback seat-lessons and now the good stuff dressage is made of- moving freely forward and accepting contact, stretching his topline, discovering engagement and balance.   Kindness and patience always pays off too!

We can help you get the Results you want - no cookie cutter approach.