Royal West 2016- Dressage 4th level

Lincoln and Marcy at the Royal West!     4th Level Test 3   is a 7min long and quite difficult test; nearly identical to the required movements of the international FEI Prix St Georges!  We learned counting flying changes every 3rd stride, pirouette canter, half pass canter zigzags…  really this is where the fun has just begun!   so, what’s next?  Quality and precision- impulsion and collection-  a new FEI passport and tailcoat are also required!

Lincoln found a new Gear: 4th Level

4th Open Champion Linc

Black Tie Gold Dressage show at RMSJ Sept 9/10 was a great result for Lincoln …who only started learning the new tests just a few weeks before! _4th Level Open Champion_ He just got better and better with each ride.   Sparkle and Spurs in Edmonton was a trial run for 4th level (2x 2nd), off course- of course! but his 3rd level was way better this year :-)  (2x 1st) … so in the name of determination and experience, we set out to smooth the edges and practice. Super proud to have raised Lincoln from a baby; to have gotten this far;  and for his fantastic humour at trying all my fun ideas!

Indoor and Outdoor Board available !



We offer : private, semi-private and group turnouts… Enjoy training in our 70x 210′ new arena. All heated in winter, stays cool in summer !

Experienced_ Certified_ Coaching:   Germany 2003, International  Trainer “B” Dressage to 4th level and Jumping to 1.10m… and well-trained horses for seat and lunge lessons.

Step Up your flatwork, it helps your jumping…
Dressage and Work in-Hand, from novice to advanced.

Got Seat- Riding program
Straightness Training – groundwork
We do young horses & all breeds… and we get the results you want… at home and in the show ring!

Training is $35; lessons at 45 and $60.

Part leases are available, or  use of schooled horse +20.


Straightness Training in Canada April 8-10 workshop

Thank you to Straightness Training certified Instructor Kim Steutel from Amsterdam for being the first ST clinician to our area. Every horse had 2 shorter sessions daily,  to work on the ST program pillars:  Groundwork with a cavesson and one line;  In Hand, uses 2-reins, cavesson and/or bridle; some Riding -in Cavesson and/or bridle, with bareback pad to feel the movements of the horse better, and we introduced  ST  Liberty tasks by the last session.

Thanks to the Participants who travelled from 4-5-7hrs from North and South to take part in the workshop! this event was filled with a 3-horse wait list in 48 hrs, then auditor limit stretched, but we still had to cap it 2 weeks prior :-)

  If you missed this one, ask us about lessons and future events!  you can also do the Online Home Study Course to start educating your horse to be more supple, coordinated, and happy…  super fun :-)


In Hand clinics and Straightness Training

St logo clear2016 is off to a great start! We are in hot pursuit of personal development and excellence with classical dressage. We  officially joined the ST Mastery program, since November, with already fun and promising results.    What is Straightness Training? a systematic development of horse and trainer; based on Classical dressage -theory- and exercises.

And what can ‘ In Hand work’ do for your horse’s  asymmetry challenges?

You can get free Straightness Training articles and Ebooks  by Marijke de Jong from Amsterdam, Netherlands… at

NEW!!!! :  ST clinic April 8-9-10… with ST Licensed Instructor, Kim Steutel from Amsterdam!    contact  Marcy  at     to RSVP a rider spot.  Auditors must be pre-paid by emt  as well :-)