Expansion complete- new stalls and arena in Sherwood Park

Barn & Riding Arena Feb-13-2014

On popular demand we have finished 2 more stalls… and supersize tack lockers for you!  That means we can take in just a few more great horses…for board, lessons or training.

We are competitively priced with $695- $495- $395 board options.  Training is $30/session… so you never pay for training your horse didn’t receive!    That’s our Integrity to you and the horse.  Lessons on a flexible schedule, yes!     Single assessments,  part and fulltime program- to suit your riding goals and budget!

frisosept1 friso2 sept friso after nov24

Can WE improve your horse?      We guarantee it.    We’ve lost track how many  years we have been transforming horses.  We didn’t always have the foresight to record it in pictures, but when we do… it reveals the treasure that was right there… all along.

Here is the 4yo Friesian Friso, arrived Sept1, and then 12wks later on Nov24.  A ‘green-bean’,  he didn’t canter,  lunge, or steer… and has since continued with his amateur owner/rider into lunge-lessons, bareback seat-lessons and now the good stuff dressage is made of- moving freely-forward and accepting contact, stretching his topline with engagement and balance.  Halfhalts, collecting, extending…1001 transitions. We develop lightness and self carriage with technique, putting the tools in your kit to ride well.  Kindness and patience always pays off too!

How we can help YOU get the Results you want  — right now.

Foundation training, colt starting, dressage riding… in Edmonton, naturally

Lovestory (Longchamp)


It’s that time of year…  for breeding, foaling,  and starting young horses!   Training at Liberty Equestrian has a unique approach.  With a lifetime of breeding and raising young horses,  to formal dressage training in Germany and Austria…. some jumping, some western dressage… the foundation is natural,  harmonious results for a lifelong partnership.

We take the time it takes, for lifetime results…. happy horses make for happy riding !

As breeders we know the increasing costs involved to produce marketable, safe and sound horses.  We proudly breed and continue riding our own WB.   We have a knack for reliable, repeatable results.  We are pleased to offer multiple horse discounts to our breeder friends, and repeat customers. It’s our pleasure to develop young horses for their future partnerships.


Use Your Seat !

Give your horse the best gift – fine tune your aids and develop skillful riding with a Foundation in Seat Training.
“use your seat” “sit deeper” “sit quiet” “push him” “sit back” “sit up” “SIT !!!!”
An Independent seat and independent aids are KEY to better riding. Exercises off horse, lunge lessons, core training, are just the start of your increased ability to secure effective riding this year…and for life! On your horse, or ours, we will show you where to start. Formulate your roadmap to achieving a solid seat foundation!

Welcome !

Liberty Equestrian Stalls

We are proud to present our new indoor heated facility  for dressage training!

We have searched to the ends of the earth and have personally designed this horse property from scratch, by hand !  Our facility features custom imported German stalls, various sized turnouts in the newest and safest materials: Woodguard and Horseguard fences.  Special supplements, stallions, etc no problem.  We wanted the best for our horses and truly enjoy it…. and with pleasure extend this to you and your horse too.

All horses benefit from dressage riding -

Western Dressage, Morgan/ Arabian all welcome… the refinement of dressage can take your riding to a whole new level.   Marcy Coelho achieved certification in Germany and Canada, and has trained in Austria, Germany, and California.  French Lightness and classical dressage are continued interests,  coaching rider biomechanics,  and breeding/ riding young horses.