Working Equitation- Brazil

 In the capital city of Brazil : Brasilia.   Paulo and Marcy touring the training facility.

IMG_0830  The covered ring in Brasilia: Hot sun!   Their seasons are opposite of Canada: this is February “winter” for us, but its getting hot down there, even when it rains, its a warm rain.  Below, the horses live in stables and train daily.



Paulo was born in Brazil, living in the capital city, Brasilia, and travelling for work to Sao Paulo, Salvador, Rio de Jaineiro, to name a few cities… as a P-engineer.  He speaks Brazilian-Portuguese, and came to Canada to learn English, several times.  Apparently he loved the weather! <??>  Mountain snow, down-hill skiing,  spring and fall changing seasons, 4×4 trucks… and became a permanent resident to Edmonton, Alberta.

Marcy was born and raised at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada;  immersed in the breeding, training, and competition of family- raised horses.  Some of these young AQHA and APHA  sold to Austria, Germany and Switzerland.  In 2002, towards the goal of dressage sporthorses, the farm’s focus became breeding International Dutch and German Warmbloods using frozen semen; resulting in Record- selling foals at CWHBA Sales; Champion- top mares at breed Inspections-  plus  Champion 2yr old stallion at CWHBA stallion inspection-Licensing-2004.  IMG_0836


More to Come-  check back soon to learn more about our passion with :

  • Brazilian-Portuguese sport of 3-phases:  precision dressage phase,  Ease of Handling  Obstacles,  and Obstacle Speed course

Traditionally, Spanish and Portuguese bull-fighting breeds (Lusitano, Andalusian) and Brazil’s national horse, Mangalarga Marchador  excel at Working Equitation… but of course, our North American- bred horses are descendants of these … and many are quite suitable for playing and training in this fun sport.