Hanna Somatic lessons

There’s no better way to your “Core” than Hanna Somatics
Riders often complain of:

*neck and shoulder pain,
*stiff hips,
*tight Psoas,

Hanna Somatics Coach Level 1 :   after a persistent a hip pain in 2015  Marcy learned Hanna Somatic exercises and completed 2 Basics training Workshops.  Somatic exercises are natural! bring Pain-Relief, well-being, and  improve flexibility.

You can restore chronic, contracted muscles to easy, effortless movement.   If you’ve ever sensed you need to be looser, freer, maybe need yoga or stretching  to ride better:   Hanna Somatics is effective where other therapies have given up.

Traditional stretches cause STRETCH REFLEX in the muscles,

  • to essentially tighten up protectively  - worse than before.!!
  • Hanna Somatic exercises are a better way to feel looser, perform better,
  • and get on with your day.

I can introduce you to basic easy movements that will forever change the way you think your body works.  Your horse naturally responds to this ‘new you’ , that’s a win-win!


Light, balanced  and thoughtful…  makes Dressage  easy to understand.

Independent Seat Training

We are specialized in Transforming riders,  with systematic Biomechanic seat lessons.   We  get you using your body in a way your HORSE can understand!!! 

If you are diligent about your practice, we have the education, tools, and progressive system that will make your time and effort, really worth it.



Marcy has extensive years + experience with many breeds;

and    studied in BOTH:  the German training system 

            &   French lightness/ Legerete (PKarl).

Several Natural horsemanship methods; (Monty, John, Chris, PNH)  positive reinforcement (Pryor), clicker training  (Kurland) and Connection Training (2017).

Marcy joined Mastery in  Straightness Training  (work in hand, classical- academic)  in 2015.